Behind DAAS Suite

A strategic platform developed by the leader in omnichannel communication

DAAS Suite is the marketing automation platform developed by ROI UP GROUP to help their clients. With DAAS Suite, you will be able to improve your marketing performance - from lead capture and sale to building loyalty.

Analyse the customer journey and define buyer personas based on real data obtained from your customers. Identify the status of your users and keep up automated monitoring, knowing who your most active users are at all times.

Disruptive thinking, digital mentality, omnichannel focus

At ROI UP GROUP, we want to be the leading agency in omnichannel disruption, We work with the best to develop the best marketing automation platform, adapted to your company’s needs. Thanks to the experience of our different departments, we support our clients so that they can improve their results in an effective and visible way.

Through DAAS Suite, we want to offer you a platform which is adapted to the present moment and constantly evolving. We are a multidisciplinary team made up of experts in different areas of marketing and technology who will help you to achieve real results. DAAS Suite will help you to improve your customers’ experience and increase the ROI of your campaigns.

Rely on the best international team

ROI UP GROUP has 6 offices in 4 countries and works in 13 languages. The team is made up of over 140 experts and a management team with experience on over 500 different projects with a digital focus over more than 15 years.

In our departments, we have multidisciplinary team members linked to SEO, performance, business intelligence, content generation, and development, among others. We are Google Premium Partners and have extensive experience in improving ROI for all our clients.

If you want to find out how to improve your return on investment and gain a deeper understanding of how DAAS Suite can help you grow, get in contact with us.

360˚ Vision from one platform

DAAS Suite is a marketing automation platform which adapts to your business needs. Its different modules and API enable a direct connection with practically any technology, online or offline. This makes it possible to develop much richer strategies easily and efficiently.

Developing on-off actions enables you to act on your company’s priorities and go beyond the digital boundaries to the physical world. The dynamic and effective integration of coupons, geo/ip, and actions focused on your establishments is easier with DAAS Suite.


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