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Marketing strategies essential for modern ecommerce

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Whether you offer a product or service, it’s important to know in the digital world that you should have an online shop. And don’t just stop at the shop. An ecommerce marketing strategy is more than recommended if you want to succeed. If you also tailor your marketing, you will be closer to getting leads, customers and sales.


The need for an ecommerce marketing strategy

If you sell any product or service, you need to be online. One of the secondary effects of the pandemic was the rise of ecommerce. Even the informal economy has benefited from the different sales channels that digital marketing offers. But for your enterprise in the digital market to not fail, it’s essential to carefully design and implement a plan for your digital ecommerce.


An ecommerce marketing strategy consists of actions and techniques that aim to promote and raise awareness about a product or service. Thanks to these strategies, your business will gain visibility, increased web traffic, more sales and more customer loyalty.


Where to start with your ecommerce and digital marketing strategy?

The first step is to know the different types of strategies available, and from them – after having analysed your market, users, and competition – develop ecommerce strategies and implement them.


If you browse a little on our blog, you can find detailed information on each strategy. Here, we’ll tell you briefly about the advantages of each one.


  • Social Media. This has become a great tool for ecommerce, as they provide direct access to and interaction with the consumer. It can serve as a direct sales channel thanks to marketplaces, or for attracting more consumers. You’ll be able to get the full benefit of social media if you create a specific marketing plan for each app for the product that you sell and the audience you want it to reach.For example, it would be very difficult for a clothing shop to benefit from posting on LinkedIn. However, they’ll definitely have a better time on Facebook or Instagram. Another important point is when to post. Post at the time and on the day when users are most active and when there’s more interaction. Think about how many posts you’ll make as well.
  • Email marketing. With this strategy, you can tailor information for each user, according to their interests. At the same time, you can attract their attention by giving them promotions, discounts, offers, etc. even to share content that they might be interested in. We can’t forget about the importance of retargeting.
  • Content Marketing. A great way to add value to your product or service is to create relevant content for your audience. You will also have to consider your product and users. A blog will be good for some audiences, while others may prefer a podcast, infographics, or videos, which that in itself is a costly alternative that requires more time, but it’s worth thinking about if it works for your company.
  • Collaborations. Collaborating or associating with other brands or influencers (also known as influencer marketing) will give more visibility to your brand with those who previously did not know you existed. If collaborating with an influencer is too big an investment, there are other brands that may want to associate with you in order to reap the same benefits. There is also the option of affiliate marketing, i.e. paying a commission to other websites or content creators for sales made from traffic generated by them.
  • And we cannot forget the classic advertising in ads on the main social networks, e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Google Shopping. Yes, it requires investment, but the results are almost always more immediate. Take advantage of retargeting to try to reach those who showed interest but did not make a purchase.
  • SEO in digital marketing is indispensable. Appropriate SEO guidelines for your business will enable you to achieve long-term growth, so it pays to know them well and manage them perfectly.


It’s worth mentioning that entering and remaining successful in the ecommerce marketing arena is not easy. You have to research, analyse and invest, trial and error until you arrive at the best plan for you. For this very reason, it pays to implement good digital marketing strategies in order to decrease losses and maximise profits.