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Time is money

Nowadays, we look for ways to save time during our daily tasks and be more productive. Technology has helped us with that.


At times, as marketers, we go for developing digital strategies that provide our clients with products and services that fit their needs. But what happens when we have to carry out the same old, repetitive tasks within these marketing strategies?


These tasks should be immediate and give quality information for those interested in what your company offers. They will help pave the way to success in your marketing strategy and, therefore, in your business goals.



How can you do it?

Through technology. More specifically, through automatic actions called Marketing Automation. With this, you can solve and answer client queries, requests, and actions. Through software, you can collect data and information on users such as telephone, email or their behaviour within the website.
Once this information is collected, you can automate contact segmentation processes, sending emails or text messages, lead nurturing and campaign management.


Sending the right messages to users can help you turn them into prospective clients, actual clients, or even, most importantly, loyal clients. This is because the solutions that are given to them are completely based on their interests and preferences.


An important step forward

Marketing Automation has the following benefits:

– You can make the most of your time and focus on other activities that aren’t automatic tasks.
– User experience will improve due to either quick replies or being given the right, personalised information at certain key moments of purchase.
– Automatic segmentation of clients based on their demographics and buying behaviour on the website allows you to see exactly what your target audience really needs in a shorter amount of time.
– You’ll generate more leads. Clients who visit your webpage or blog will leave data on forms as a result of implementing lead nurturing as emails with automatic responses or personalised content.
– You can efficiently use and analyse lead scoring to identify which user actions, according to their score, are the most likely to turn them into customers.
– You have more control over users’ needs by monitoring your database. In this way, you’ll be able to create future digital marketing campaigns in line with your target audience.
–You’ll be able to plan and create content on different platforms and on different social networks. In order to effectively use these automatic actions and carry out your business goals, you should keep in mind that you’re not replacing traditional tools, but instead complementing them.


If the need arises, you can intervene. For example, if a user and possible client asks for more detailed information. What’s important is making the most out of all that Marketing Automation has to offer, without leaving everything else to one side.

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