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The impact of Qualified Traffic in your Digital Marketing Campaigns

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Any effective digital marketing strategy takes into account the importance of generating qualified web traffic as a way to increase the number of conversions or clients.


Because the more people you gather, the more people move down your sales funnel. It’s elementary.

However, there is a crucial difference between millions of people visiting your page and none becoming a client, and a few thousand users, with an important percentage of buyers. Otherwise you will be accumulating statistics without any value for your company.

Hence the importance of talking and searching qualified web traffic, and not just traffic.

“Qualified” comes from “quality”. This means that those who visit your website or any of your landing pages are actively looking for the products / services or simply the information you have available on your website.

How much impact can qualified traffic have on your overall digital marketing strategy?

Get comfortable, because we have plenty of arguments to answer this question.


Qualified traffic = More conversion opportunities

As all companies need profitability and profits, it does not surprise us that the most important reasons to look for qualified traffic is, of course, increasing sales. After all, isn’t the primary function of your website to sell? If not, maybe it’s time to rethink the strategy.

Let’s take a quick look at this example: if we attract a 50-year-old man to a landing page that promotes a significant discount in a new and improved menstrual cup, there is a very small possibility of achieving a conversion (we don’t need to explain why).

On the other hand, if we attract a 24-year-old woman who has recently searched for menstrual cups in Google, for example, the possibilities of finding her needs grow exponentially.

Why invest (or should we say “waste”) money on the wrong audience when we know that they will not generate conversions?

So, as a conclusion from experience and the most elementary logic, we have:


  • More Qualified Traffic = Higher Conversion Rate = More Sales


Qualified traffic = Profitability in your Campaigns

That’s right: you need qualified traffic to increase the ROI of your paid campaigns click (PPC).

We know that they are the most effective strategies to generate qualified traffic to your main website or even your landing pages. However, as its name indicates, this methodology suggests an investment for each click of a potential customer.

So, if you pay for each visitor that goes to your site and none makes a purchase, you lose time and money that you could have allocated elsewhere.

On the other hand, if you achieve qualified traffic that turns into sales, you can expect a faster return on all your PPC investments. With that return, you can start a new and improved PPC campaign that reaches more people and brings even more returns to your company. A virtuous circle.

What role do the conversion rates play? They let us know what qualified traffic we need to cover the investment we have made.

An example: You sell dresses online. The sale price to the public is $350 but your gross profit is $ 50. You decide to use a PPC campaign to promote and market your product online. If you pay $ 0.5 for each click during that campaign, you would need a conversion rate over 1% of this traffic to compensate the PPC campaign. This means that, of every 1000 people, at least 10 must buy your product.


Qualified Traffic = Best Brand Reputation

As Internet users, we know that we spend hours of our day looking for information or solutions for any of our many needs. Most of the time we get to a website through a search engine like Google – and sometimes we even click on a PPC ad that we found relevant in exchange for getting the long-awaited answer to our concerns.

But have you come across an ad that takes you to content that has no use? Have you been diverted from your search to try to force a sale?

We bet you have.

I would not blame you for branding that useless place. Not even if you decided not to visit it anymore. This is precisely what happens when nobody cares about the qualification of traffic.

This is why, you should try to impact and attract people who have certain characteristics or behaviors towards certain products and services, to ensure that what your offer, both product and content, is aligned with your needs. If you do this, you will keep your audience satisfied. This satisfaction will generate regular visitors, who in turn contribute to your brand reputation. Yes, imagine when the loyalty that they have towards your brand converts them into promoters of your products or services.


Qualified traffic = Recurring Sales 

Let’s start with a fairly solid and well-known argument: it is easier to maintain a client than attract a new one. Why is this happening?

People generate trust around the familiar. And this does not apply exclusively to people. It also happens with brands, places, institutions and experiences.

It is possible that a person has to interact several times with your brand to make the first purchase or service contract. However, it is quite possible that, if you achieve a certain degree of satisfaction, customers will prefer to buy this product again or hire this service from a known provider who starts again to interact with a brand to generate the confidence necessary to make the purchase. If for a moment we think as customers and not as marketers, it makes everything clearer.

In this sense, look for pretexts to direct your clients back to your web page and increase the chances of them buying more. How? Well there are dozens of strategies: ads, e-mail marketing, newsletters, exclusive promotions, etc.


Qualified traffic = Better Ranking

The targeted traffic is quality traffic that not only increases your sales, but it also improves your brand and your reputation in the face of the Internet. With this high level of credibility among the selected users, you and your site will eventually be qualified as an authority and reliable source in their respective niche. This will give your website more opportunities to appear as a relevant link in content of third parties.

In terms of search engine optimization (SEO), a good, qualified flow of traffic reinforced by this type of link is a safe ingredient to help your website have better position in the engine search results. And it’s the kind of ingredient that our Google friends love, so it will reward you with good rankings. And who doesn’t want Google to reward them?

In conclusion: the search for qualified traffic is one of the first steps that we must give when it comes to launching a digital marketing campaign focused on results You can have millions of visits on your website and still not even have the number of conversions that cover the investment you’ve made in your campaigns. In that case, your chances of success will be practically nil.