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Tools to be a community manager

Escrito el por Natalia Ortiz

To start with, let’s clear up what a community manager does. It’s the person in charge of ensuring that social media is working well on all their profiles. They post, generate content, and in some cases are tasked with FAQs. It’s no secret that they’re the person who is at the forefront of the brand 24/7. And not depending totally on paid media and its costs like CPL, CPM or CPI.


It’s really important to know the tools a community manager can use, as it’s not simply about creating content, posting it and waiting for people’s reactions. A community manager should plan a strategy to understand their base design, at least to see how the brand’s feed will look.


Community manager tools – the 6 essentials.

The programs a community manager can use go from ones for scheduling posts to basic design tools that allow them to work with their content to see how it will look visually. Moreover, it’s important to highlight that these tools to be a community manager will always be a big help to streamline work.


  • Buffer: This tool is for creating a calendar and scheduling posts so that it doesn’t have to be done manually every single day. When the community manager decides to create a content calendar, they can schedule it once and then leave it.
  • Hootsuite: This tool is one of the most well-known for those who work in digital marketing. It allows you to schedule posts as well as promoting them, analysing the impact of the content and tracking tags and when you’ve been mentioned. Although it’s not free, the prices range according to your needs.
  • Postcron: This is another tool for scheduling posts. But this time you can schedule stories on Instagram and up to 1,000 posts or tweets through Excel or Google Sheets.
  • Bundlepost: This helps schedule messages and at the same time replaces the most common key words with hashtags, helping to increase the amount of interactions with users.
  • Canva: This is a design tool that allows a community manager to get more creative, quickly and easily, when there’s no need for a heavily designed post. It also allows you to explore the world of digital design a bit more (there’s a free version too).
  • Adobe Spark Post: This app is for adding text to images, it’s a simple tool that works for any operative system, as well as allowing you to see other people’s images to get ideas.


Other programs that a Community Manager can use: Trello, Bit.ly and more

  • Brand24: This is a tool that lets you search information in real time, perfect for analysis reports (there’s a free trial version that lasts for 14 days).
  • Nuzzel: This can be useful for the brand to see if there is a trend they can jump on to or something special in their products they can boost, facilitating social monitoring also helps for this.
  • Bit.ly: This is for shortening links. It helps to make posts shorter ad so that visually it’s not an eye-sore for the user, taking up less space and not as many characters. It can also help with info on how many clicks the link received. This is another essential tool to be a community manager.
  • Trello: This tool is mainly for planning a community manager’s tasks.


Apart from these community manager tools mentioned here, there are an infinite number of apps that specialise in different tasks that are just as useful. The important thing is to explore them in the world of digital marketing, as they can be a great help on social media, so, try them out!