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What are dynamic forms?

Forms play a fundamental role on your website and landing pages to get data on visitors, stay in contact with them, update them, offer them your services and turn them into clients.


The information that you collect can help you better know your visitors so you can continually change and perfect what you offer them, always adapting yourself to what they are looking for.


That’s reason enough to be paying more attention to these forms, no?
However, you have to remember that in the digital world your goal has to stand out against a sea of information and possible alternatives. You should always be seeking to give your customer the best experience possible on your website. This is where dynamic forms come in handy.


Dynamic forms are part of what’s called dynamic content, which looks to offer visitors completely personalised, successful experiences.

Unlike static or traditional forms, dynamic forms work efficiently and effectively to adjust their fields in real time, automatically. This is all done based on information the visitor provides.


For example, after receiving the visitor’s postcode, the dynamic form automatically fills out the fields with data that can be obtained from already given information, such as neighbourhoods and municipalities, in this case.


Another option is to make form filling easier for the visitor on your website.
Providing different responses related to the data given before. Example, if the visitor says that they’re from Mexico, in the next field marked state, there should only be states from the country that the client mentioned.



In this way, you avoid overwhelming them with repetitive questions and allow them to provide you with the data required quickly, simply, and easily.


The main thing is to not inconvenience your visitors too much and help them fill out the form. Your goal is to collect all the information you need, avoiding people leaving your website and, of course, improving your conversion rate. Try to put yourself in their shoes when creating your dynamic forms. Think about all the forms you’ve ever done that you never finished because the process was so long.


What would you change? Once you have your answer, you’re ready to start creating. Your conversion rate will thank you for it.